AIS (Alternative Investment and Security Exchange)

Mongolian's first cryptocurrency exchange

Our cryptocurrency exchange with its business affiliation with the Mongolian bank will allow its users to withdraw in fiat.
The bank will issue a debit card that can be used all around the world. The AIS project will provide next generation financial system with AI technology.

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AIS Project will establish a cryptocurrency exchange in Mongolia.

We will also provide an exchange platform coin with many features.

Bank Affiliation.

We have established business affiliation with one of the major banks in Mongolia to operate a cryptocurrency exchange under the existing laws of Mongolia.

Double Mining

We will be investing in Double Mining-cryptocurrency mining business and resource mining of gold, bronze, coal, and rare metals.

Triple Division of Profits

AIS coin holders will receive division of profits from three sources-exchange platform profits, cryptocurrency mining profits, and resource mining profits.

AI Concierge

An AI Concierge that understands the behavioral characteristic of the user will act as a personal dealer to help the user with cryptocurrency transactions.



AIS token is a native coin for the cryptocurrency exchange AIS-X.

Resource mining

The new resource mining company will excavate gold, bronze, and coal but will specialize in mining rare metals.

Cryptocurrency Mining

The new cryptocurrency mining farm will excavate various cryptocurrencies using customized ASIC machines with measures risk hedging against the decline of mining efficiency.

Business Affiliation with Bank

We will house the cryptocurrency exchange within the bank’s inner server to provide maximum security.

AI Concierge

An AI Concierge that understands the behavioral characteristic of the user will be provided to help with everything from daily transactions to market trend analysis.


We plan to provide chat services at the cryptocurrency exchange.


Matthew Kemp

Dorj Batkhishig

Jon Ho

Lkhagvasuren Sengedorj

Advisor (Marketing)
Jun Takigawa

Advisor (Technical)
Tran Ngoc Son

Advisor (China)